Friday, July 04, 2008

Today's the Day

Today's Wedding Day. Less than 12 hours from now we'll be married. I think we both started freaking out a bit yesterday over all there is to do and details and stuff. I know I feel much better after getting some rest. I imagine Maegan does, too. And extra bonus! I found my iron and ironing board last night, so I won't have to wear a wrinkly shirt. I'm sure that will be nice.

By the way, the Trebuchet idea didn't pan out. It launches the little wooden balls the kit came with. It may launch golf balls well (I didn't have any to test). But it won't launch water balloons. They keep falling out of the sling barely before it swings around. And while this kit has great detail for the winch, it has a fixed release pin. Next version I'll need to have something adjustable for items with varying weight.

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