Saturday, June 28, 2008

Test Fire - Day One

Day one of testing the Bouquet Trebuchet:

The goal was to launch a small water balloon from Matt's patio, across Prestonwood Road, and into the parking lot of an office building. However, we ran into a bit of a problem early on. The ammunition kept falling into friendly territory. "Incoming!"
We spent several hour tinkering with lines, adjusting the launch pouch and adding to the counterweight. Yet it kept releasing too early. Finally we used a small wooden ball and it launched correctly.
Apparently water balloons are not ideal for trebuchet ammunition...

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miss andrea said...


Hi! I forgot to tell you yesterday that I left the good tablecloths(toppers for the communion tables) in Mrs. Bacon's office on a shelf to the left if you need them.

Happy Wedding Preparations,