Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Looking at Rings

Maegan and I went to look at rings last night. We got our current exact measurements and looked at the widths we would each prefer. It was a good time to do it because during that time of the day, when it's hot and muggy, is when the fingers are most swollen. That way we were able to choose something tight enough that it will not fall off when we're cold, but not so tight that it cuts circulation when hot.

We're wanting Titanium rings for our wedding rings. The guy at the shop didn't have many in stock right then. His supplier was closed by this time. We got there just barely before his store closed. So he's supposed to call me back this morning with availability, prices, and delivery eta. He hasn't called back yet.

After I dropped Maegan off and I got home, we got on the IMs and started looking online. We found the perfect rings for us that we both REALLY love. They don't "match" eachother as far as design. But we figure if each of us has to wear them forever, let's get what we like. So we looked and looked at various options. After selecting what each of us wanted on each of our rings, I put them in the "shopping cart" ready for checkout. I didn't checkout completely because I'm waiting for the local guy to call back with pricing options. But I think the online place is where we're going to go. They're very nice rings for a very good price.


Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...
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