Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trebuchet: Part 05

It's been too long since I've worked on the trebuchet. But with all the wedding planning and trying to figure out timing of moving and getting everything planned, it's a bit hectic. But I got more done today. I hope I can finish it and test it before the wedding.

I cut the dowels and put them in to reinforce the security of the bottom crossbeams. I then attached the upright A-frame assembly to the bottom Sub-Frame along with some side bracing.

Here we see some rubberbands bracing the assembly while the glue dries.

This shows a bit more detail. You can see that I used short pencils with the rubberbands to be the anchor that pulls up on that center beam of the sub-frame. With those side angled braces pushing up at the top of the A-frame, it was wanting to separate from where it's being mounted to the sub-frame. Thus the need for these rubberbands to help keep it connected. In this shot you can also see the mini dowel pegs I used on the A-frame cross beams.

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