Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trebuchet: Part 09

Well, after putting slight stress on the A-frames, they did separate a bit. But shortly after removing the separating blocks they started leaning in again. I went ahead and attached the axle guides and the gusset underneath to help support them. I have placed the arm behind the axle guides here to show the width variance. The bottom part is non trimmed. The top half has been trimmed. So, if there ends up being too much friction to allow the arm to swing well, I can just dremel off some of the bottom pieces.

Here are the rim parts to make one half of one of the winching wheels.

And the same parts for all the rest of the wheels before my knife, round file, and sand paper get to them.

Ah, much better. That's something I can work with!

And work with it I did. These are the winch wheels. They attach together in pairs with dowels separating them. Then an axle runs through the middle that is part of the winching system. In full scale ones, people would get inside and climb up the wall like a hamster in a wheel. This would provide slow, but powerful winching strength to draw down the swing arm. But more on that as that part gets built. One of the harder parts of building this will be to lash the dowels to the wheels. There are 26 notches in each wheel, so two sets will be 52 dowels. Each dowel connects to two wheels, so that's 104 miniature lash weaves. I may just go with glue for that part.

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