Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NY Times Article on Steampunk

Maegan sent me this link a few nights ago with the comment that I was once again ahead of style. I love this quote from the NYT article: “Steampunk is not dark and spooky. It’s elegant and beautiful.” While I don't own much in the way of steampunk clothing or >accessories yet, I've always been a fan of that high-tech neo-victorian style since reading Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. It's often envisioned as having mechanical and steam based technology instead of electrical. Or if there is electrical, it's along the lines of Tesla coils and jar capacitors. And of course Airships. Gotta have Airships! It will often have a Victorian look (turn of 19th-20th century) with lots of bronze, wood, gears, and cogs. But it's not just historical re-enactment. It's much more a "what-if." Plus, it has lots of overlap with another of my favorite genres, space cowboy frontier.

On the web: a keyboard modded to Steampunk style over at Steampunk Workshop.

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